Aug 2024

From Innovation to Scale (I2S)

Discuss and learn how to successfully build, commercialize, and scale AI innovations in challenging market conditions

The 2nd Workshop held in conjunction with KDD 2024

In recent years, the AI community has witnessed an exciting acceleration in innovation across foundation models, deep learning, and new AI applications across numerous verticals. AI innovations driven by both academic and industry research labs have rapidly been adopted by big tech companies and startups to deliver value-differentiated products and services.

For many machine learning researchers looking to commercialize their work, a frequently wondered question is, “How do I kickstart a startup that can commercialize my research innovations?”. ML practitioners in the KDD community are curious about how big tech and startups scale AI research and innovations to be used by millions of users. With rapid advances in generative AI algorithms, the landscape is evolving around the opportunities and challenges of building robust and scalable generative solutions.

The second edition of this interactive workshop aims to build on this discourse focusing on two aspects: First, bringing together invited AI thought leaders from academia, big tech, and startups to share their perspective on realizing the opportunities of GenAI in various business verticals via use-case themes, challenges, and risks. Second, inviting startup founders (from academia and industry) focused on verticalized GenAI offerings to share their journey in product commercialization and the challenges of the GenAI productization landscape.

Topics of interest in this workshop include but are not limited to:

  • Commercializing AI research innovations
  • Scaling AI startups
  • Acquiring customers in challenging market conditions
  • Building successful teams
  • Pitching for initial funding
  • Developing and executing go-to-market strategies
  • Best practices for AI innovation

If you have valuable insights and experiences to share in any of these areas, we encourage you to submit a proposal to speak at the I2S workshop. We welcome submissions from AI thought leaders, startup founders, and other professionals with relevant expertise.

Call for Papers and Panel Proposals

Call for Papers:

  • 1. Papers that highlight the use of Gen AI in any vertical from health to manufacturing and finance that highlight the challenges to scale foundation model-based verticalized solutions and how the described research manages to circumvent these challenges to scale innovation.
  • 2. All submissions should be in PDF format according to the latest ACM template published in the ACM guidelines (two-column format). All submissions must be in English. We invite you all to contribute: full papers (up to 10+2 pages) and short papers (up to 5+1 pages). Full workshop papers should not exceed 12 pages in length (maximum 8 pages for the main paper content + maximum 2 pages for appendices + maximum 2 pages for references).
  • 3. Please note that at least one of the authors of each accepted paper is required to register for the KDD conference to present the paper during the I2S@2024 workshop.

Call for Panel Proposals:

  • We invite panel proposals that expand on the current discourse on scaling AI innovation both at technical and strategic levels. We'd be open to all areas and applications of AI (with an emphasis on GenAI and potentially multi-modal applications), associated challenges, and strategies in the current commercial landscape for verticalized offerings.
  • 1. All submissions should be in PDF format according to the latest ACM template published in the ACM guidelines (two-column format). All submissions must be in English and should include the following in your submission
  • Proposer name and affiliation.
  • LinkedIn profile link and email address.
  • Role on the panel: Moderator or Panelist or Panel Organizer.
  • Proposed Panel Title (10 words max).
  • Proposed panel Abstract/summary (100 words max).
  • Names of Potential Panelists and their affiliation (Proposer should make an attempt to ensure these folks are available and ready to be at KDD in person to be on the panel).
  • Sample questions for the panel to address.
  • 2. Please note that panel moderators and guests are required to attend the workshop during the I2S@2024 workshop.

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Ankur M. Teredesai

CueZen Inc., & University of Washington

Michael Zeller


Mohak Shah

Praescivi Advisors

Shenghua Bao


Wee Hyong Tok


Linsey Pang